Virtual Christmas

There are plenty of paid streaming services and you rarely have the time to see all the content that is released week by week, in addition to having time to complete those that you have on your to-do list.


To cancel your subscription on this platform you must first enter your profile and when you are on the main screen click on the avatar you have and then scroll to the section that says “Account”.

In the subscription and billing section you will find the “Cancel subscription” button, you must click it.

Then a confirmation screen for cancellation will appear. There you just have to click the “Complete cancellation” button and that will be it, you will no longer receive surcharges for this service.

Prime Video

In the case of Mexico Prime Video, it is an addition to the Amazon Prime service, so the Amazon Prime subscription must be canceled. Note that this is done, services such as Twitch channel subscriptions with Prime Gaming, free shipping from the online store and the Prime Music subscription will also be removed.

To cancel, you need to enter your Amazon account, then go to the “Prime” section.

Once inside, you click the “Manage membership” button, then the link “Remember, cancel and more” in the manage section.

A new screen will be displayed, there you will click the “End membership and benefits” button.

And finally, a confirmation screen will be displayed, here it will be clicked on the “Cancel” button.

As an additional note, you must make this cancellation 3 days in advance of the new subscription. If you do not do it within this period, the subscription will be renewed and you will have to pay another month, quarter or year of the service.

Disney +

To unsubscribe from this service you use a form quite similar to that of Netflix. Enter your profile and on the main screen you click on your avatar, then you click the “Account” button.

In this section you will find the button “Billing information”.

Upon entering the next screen you must click on the option “Cancel subscription”

Then it will ask you to confirm the cancellation of the service.

As you can see, it is not that complicated to cancel a subscription, you just have to take into account the recommendations that we gave you. We also recommend having reminders on your smartphone to know on what dates you can cancel your services or renew them.

Did this guide help you, do you have other services that you want to cancel?

September 23, 2021 By Jeremiah Clark

We are in the last month of the year, and the global pandemic has not yielded for much of the world. Just some time ago the first doses of vaccines began to be distributed and applied. But even this great effort does not mean that in the short term we people can go out as before. Mexico is one of the countries that has had to resume extreme care in some areas of the territory, especially in the Valley of Mexico. So we know that although it is sad, many of us will have to avoid gatherings and dinners with our family and friends this Christmas . So, what to do?

Against this background, as has been done throughout the confinement, a solution to not feel so far from the people we love the most is to use the video calling systems that various developers on the market offer. You have probably already mastered apps like Zoom ; But, today we bring you another quite popular option at your fingertips with an application that you surely have on your phone. This is the Salas, an option available to Facebook by Rooms Messenger (Messenger Rooms).

How to create your Facebook room?

Ideally, all devices participating in the meeting will have a Facebook account, and they will be able to join from mobile phones to computers. If you dare to try it, at Qore we leave you all the steps to follow to make your video call a success.

Create room from web

In case you want to access a Facebook Room through a computer, these are the instructions to follow:

1 .Open the Facebook page from any browser.

  1. Below the box to create a new publication you will find the button called Create room. You will quickly identify it because it is accompanied by an icon of a small video camera:
  2. The first task to select is the Room Activity. Usually you will have to decide if it is a birthday party, graduation, or personalize it to your liking with a name that does not exceed 20 characters. In this step you will also have to specify the start date and time and, if the meeting will be visible to all your friends on Facebook or only the people you invite directly will be able to access:
  3. To send the invitation to the meeting, you have the option of copying the link of the Room and pasting it to send it via WhatsApp, email or whatever means you select. You can also directly choose some contacts. If you leave the room visible to all your Facebook friends, any of them can access.
  4. Once in the room, users can open or lock their cameras or microphones, as well as adjust the screen to see all participants.

Create room from mobile

To create the room from a mobile application, the steps are practically the same.

  1. Open the Facebook application on your phone.
  2. You will identify the New room button because it has the same location as on the computer, that is, under the box to create a publication:
  3. The steps from here to number 5 are the same as on the computer.

A trick that can make it easier for you to share the room through other applications is to access it directly, and when you are there, a button will appear on the screen called Share link. When you select it, you can share the room directly to other applications.

One difference between a Room and a video call via Messenger is that Rooms can continue to be active even if the host is not there; Despite this, the other participants will not be able to access either, so the meeting goes into a kind of standby mode.

With this guide, we hope that spending a Christmas with your loved ones is easier than ever. Luck!

September 9, 2021 By Jeremiah Clark